Second Floor,
Curtin House
252 Swanston Street,
Melbourne 3000


Wed, 3 April 2024
Doors at 10:30PM
About this event

Rendition Entertainment Presents 'West Coast Wednesdays'. A slick night of music and energy in the streets of Melbourne. Not just a party, but a homage to the beats, rhymes, and life of West Coast hip-hop.  Get up close with the sounds and styles that defined a generation and fuelled the ascendance of a genre.  Be prepared to step into a world where hip-hop is not just heard, it pulsates through your body.

Experience the ultimate audio-visual journey as the city's top DJs converge, embodying the vibrant spirit of the West.  The event spans from the raw energy of underground bars to the polished rhythms of chart-topping hits, crafting nights that blend timeless classics with cutting-edge contemporary jams.

Brought to you by Rendition Entertainment, whose roots dig deep into the Los Angeles scene, West Coast Wednesdays at The Toff is the real deal.  Doors swing open at 10.30pm, with limited capacity you'll want to roll in early.

Whether it's a date night, hanging with your crew, or just vibing to some top-notch music, we've got your midweek fix of the best West Coast beats.  Don't sleep on this – it's the place to be for a night that's all about good music and great times.

FREE ENTRY [Limited to capacity].


Grab a meal before the gig, carriage side

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