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Velvet Bloom ‘Glimmer’ Tour (MELB)

Velvet Bloom ‘Glimmer’ Tour (MELB)

Sat, 11 June 2022
Doors at 7:30PM
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Earlier this month, Melbourne based soul outfit, Velvet Bloom dropped their steamy heartwarmer ‘Glimmer’ sharing another take from their anticipated debut body of work just around the corner. Following on from last year’s beckoning soul jam ‘Run’, with a sold out single launch show at The Night Cat, Velvet Bloom are thrilled to announce their upcoming EP tour! The band will be performing at Melbourne’s iconic music venue, The Toff In Town on June 11, to finalise the tour and celebrate their homecoming.

With a voice and energy that emits an earnest, heart stirring warmth, Maddy Herbert is a captivating live performer and a truly commanding frontwoman. Backed by a stellar live band of Alex Marko (Lead Guitar), Anthony Rennick (Bass) Miguel Hutton (Synth and Keys) and Nic Morton (Drums & Percussion), Velvet Bloom have quickly earned their stripes as one of the most exciting additions to Melbourne soul’s bursting frontline. The blossoming outfit will be heading up the East Coast for some long-awaited live shows over the coming months, hitting up Canberra, Forster, Brisbane, Sydney, Beechworth, Adelaide and Melbourne. Get on board.

“Equal parts enthralling and enchanting, Velvet Bloom is undeniably on the cusp of big things in the near future.” – Tyler Jenke, Rolling Stone Australia

“‘Glimmer’ might be their most radiant release so far – loaded with their signature soulful grooves, intoxicating instrumentation and frontwoman Maddy Herbert’s velvety voice.” – James Lynch, Trouble Juice

“‘Glimmer’ is a wonder of a track. The musicianship is almost intimidating, from the controlled smokey croon of front woman Maddy Herbert, through to the layers of jazz influences that are crammed under a soulful blanket. The waltz turn-around at the half-way mark is the fairy dust on an already smooth groove. Everything is restrained, within reason, with the listener knowing full well that any one of these musicians could break the stratosphere with a solo, but that’s the kicker. None of them do. They serve the song, and it is so much better for it.” – The Point

“blown away with the sheer volume of talent oozing out of this release.” – Jay-Dee Pitcaithly, Moshtix

Velvet Bloom ‘Glimmer’ Tour (MELB)
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