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IZZY ‘The Fresh Face of Pop-Soul Sensation’ Single Launch

IZZY ‘The Fresh Face of Pop-Soul Sensation’ Single Launch

Wed, 6 March 2024
Doors at 7:30PM
About this event

Step into the extraordinary world of IZZY, where Pop and Soul collide in a symphony of unmatched brilliance. Her sound, a dynamic fusion of powerful vocals and intricate instrumentals, pays homage to the legends while carving out her own unforgettable style.

Music is in IZZY's DNA, evident from her early days, and at just 13, she rocked the global stage representing Australia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, captivating 3 million hearts worldwide. This star's destiny is written in melodies.  

IZZY's roots run deep with a captivating blend of Jamaican and English heritage, adding a visual allure to her undeniable vocal prowess. Join the journey of this rising icon as she confidently paves a path to global stardom. Prepare for an evening that transcends music – it's a rendezvous with destiny, and you won't want to miss it!"



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