Second Floor,
Curtin House
252 Swanston Street,
Melbourne 3000

Sounds Good Records: MUSIC PORTAL


Music Portal is exactly what it sounds like, a port key to a more musical dimension, where all the sounds of this world and beyond, collude into an inferno of hot, steamy, creamy musical madness you’ll be infected and transported by the rhythm, the melodies, the oddball synth-laden paganistic sounds that conjure up what’s left of the Halloween energy to cast a spell on dancing feet all walks of life are welcomed and encouraged, whether you would like to burrow yourself away in the nook of the carriage, or bust a move on the dancefloor, we have you covered musical entrancement supplied by; Steely Ann, Tina Disco and Jamie The Scorpio.

This event is LBGTQI+ friendly, and no bigoted or anti-social behaviour will be tolerated – Only love on our dancefloor • No means no!

Sounds Good Records and allies stand against any form of oppression including that of non-human animals this event will take place on unceded lands of aboriginal people who have lived on this country for more than 80,000 years.  Sovereignty was never ceded and to date, no treaty has been signed.

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“Hate never ceases by hate, but by love alone is healed, this is the ancient and eternal law”.

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